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19 May  2014  

After close to 10 months of being offline and having no access to my emails related to the site, we are back online. The last ten months, I have received many emails from you regarding requests and offers of information. Many of you provided information and pictures for inclusion on the site. It will take some time for me to get through all the emails, answer them and get the information provided online. Please bear with me! Your mails are very much appreciated and I hope to respond to all of you in the near future. Thanks to everybody for sticking with me and the site.

18 August  2013  

Mrs. Judy Larsson kindly provided a picture and information of F/O Frank McQueen, of Hamilton, Ontario. Frank was a flight engineer with 426 squadron (RCAF) and was killed on 17 June 1944, when his Halifax bomber crashed into tnhe north sea. Frank is buried at Castricum Protestant Cemetery.



13 May  2013  

F/L Leslie Gordon Fowler DFC from Worcester Park, Surrey was an highly experienced navigator. After a tour with 199 Squadron, he was posted to 214 Squadron. On 24 February 1945 he and his crew crashed on a Window mission to Germany. They crashed near Bonn.
F/L Fowler survived the crash but was very badly wounded. He died, over two weeks later, of his wounds in a Dutch hospital and is buried at Zuidlaren General Cemetery.

Also buried at Zuidlaren is Soldaat (Private) Hendrik Kok from Anloo, the Netherlands. Hendrik was conscripted into the Dutch army when the threat of war was imminent. He was part of the 7th Squadron Bicycle Infantry and was killed in heavy fighting with the Germans on 11 May 1940 near Barneveld.

11 May  2013  

P/O Kelvin Billing from New Plymouth, New Zealand was an observer with 83 Squadron. He and his crew presumably crashed into the North Sea on the night of 1 - 2 June 1942 on a 1000 bomber mission to Essen. P/O Billing's body washed ashore on the Dutch coast and was buried in Amsterdam's New Eastern Cemetery.


14 April  2013  

Pilot Officer John Alexander Brydson from Terregles, Scotland, was a spitfire pilot with 66 Squadron. He was killed on 1 April 1945 when he was shot down by anti aircraft fire east of Arnhem. His plane crashed near Velp, where he is buried. Thanks to Mr. Ernst Bruinsma for providing the information and pictures.



13 April  2013  

Master Hugh Clunas Slater was captain on the HMS Drifter Ocean Reward. This was a examination vessel operating out of Dover. It collided with an hospital ship on 28 May 1940 off Dover with the loss of all men. Master Slater's body later washed ashore on the Dutch coast and was buried at Schoorl General Cemetery, where he rests today.

Also added two pictures to the page of Cpl Richard Wells of the 82nd Engineer Combat Battalion, who was killed on 9 September 1944. He lies buried at Margraten. Thanks again to Ric Kropat.

Without realising it, yesterday was the 11th anniversary of this website.

7 April  2013  

Master John Owen Roberts was Captain of the S.S. Firth Fisher, a merchant navy coaster that was en route from England to Boulogne with military supplies. On 21 May 1940 it struck a mine and sank. Six of the crew died. The body of Master Roberts was the only one to be recovered. His body washed ashore on the coast of Schiermonnikoog Island and buried there at Vredenburg Cemetery.


5 April  2013  

Pvt William E. Adair from St. Joseph, Missouri was with the 325th Glider Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division. He was killed by mortar fire on 2 October 1944 during an attack on Katerbosch. He lies buried at Margraten. Many thanks to Ernst Bruinsma who has adopted his grave and provided a lot of pictures and information.



4 April  2013  

Tec 4 Carmine G. Liotti (picture left) was from New York. A medic with the 319th Infantry Regiment, 80th Infantry Division, he was the receipient of two bronze stars, won in France in October and November 1944. On 15 April 1945, near the town of Glauchau, Germany, Carmine and three other medics were taking a wounded German soldier to an aid station when they were hit by schrapnel. Carmine and one other soldier died instantly. The two others were wounded and died the next day.  Pfc Harry W. Heiberger (picture right) from Pennsylvania was one of the other medics. A receipient of the Bronze Star, he was wounded in the attack and died the next day. He was awared the Silver Star for his actions on the 15th of April 1945.

The third man, Tec 5 John A. Cordin, was born in 1908 and was from New Jersey. He, Tec 4 Carmine Liotti and Pfc Harry Heiberger are buried at Margraten American Cemetery. The fourth men, Cpl John Boire from Oregon, was reinterred in Portland, Oregon.