George Charles Morffew

1917 - 22 July 1942

West Harrow, Middlesex - Amsterdam



George Charles Morffew was born in 1917 and from West Harrow, Middlesex. He was a wireless operator/air gunner on a Wellington III bomber with 101 Squadron.

On the night of 21/22 July 1942, Sergeant Morffew and crew, consisting of

F/S Edour Fortin RCAF
F/S David Phillip Roberts RCAF
Sgt Lisle Douglas Firminger
Sgt William Matheson
Sgt George Charles Morffew
Sgt Eric Albert Thomas

took off in Wellington III X3312 SR-U from their base Bourne.

101 Sqn RAF

Their target was the German city of Duisburg. 291 planes were sent out on a moonless night, in the hope to hinder the German night fighters. Flak over the target was reported less fierce than normal. The decision to fly on a moonless night to try to thwart the German night fighters was proven needless as most bombers were shot down by German fighters. Wellington 3312 SR-U was lost without trace over the North Sea.

Flight Sergeant Fortin and Sergeant Morffew were recovered and are buried in Amsterdam. Sergeant Matheson is buried in Noordwijk.

Flight Sergeant Roberts, Sergeant Firminger and Sergeant Thomas are still MIA and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.

Sergeant Morffew was 25.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Directions to Amsterdam New Eastern Cemetery

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