2nd Lieutenant
Edmund J. Torpey

3 December 1920 - 30 January 1944
East Rockaway, NY - Schoorl



Edmund J. Torpey was born on December 3, 1920 to James and Margret Torpey in East Rockaway, LI.  New York and had a sister Margret Ann. 

Edmund attended two years of college at Catholic University (1938-1939) and St. John University (1940-1941.

He enlisted into the Army Air Corps on January 15, 1942 at Mitchel Field, New York.  Edmund graduated from Bombardier training on 1 January 1943 from Williams Field, Chandler Arizona  and was assigned to the army air base at Las Vegas, Nevada where he completed his gunnery training on May 3, 1943.

He was sent overseas on October 26, 1943 and served as a Bombardier and gunner with the 527th Bomb Squadron, 379th Bomb Group, operating out of Kimbolton.

527th Bomb Squadron

 379th Bomb Group

Edmund was awarded the ETO Medal and Bronze Star to the ETO Medal, the Air Medal with 2 Oak Leaf clusters and Purple Heart for his participation in nine bombing missions over Germany and was credited for shooting down two German fighters.

(Picture courtesy of Mr. Ed Mehlig)

Edmund participated in the following missions:

11 December 1943 - Emden - Port area

13 December 1943 - Bremen - Port Area

16 December 1943 - Bremen - Port Area

20 December 1943 - Bremen - PW 190 Aircraft Plant

24 December 1943 - Cueschart - Beauvoir - V1 sites

30 December 1943 - Wilhelmshaven - Chemical Works

7 January 1944 - Wilhelmshaven - Chemical Works

21 January 1944 - Le Mesnil Allard - Puchervin - V1 sites

30 January 1944 - Braunschweig - Aircraft factory

Edmund's crew consisted of:

1Lt Donald E. Winter, pilot
2Lt Joseph W. Wiley, co-pilot
2Lt George H. Anderson, Navigator
2Lt Edmund J. Torpey, Bombardier
S/Sgt Richard C. Kausch, Radio operator
Sgt John R. Fitzgearl, Top Turret Gunner
S/Sgt George A. Gardner, Ball Turret Gunner
Sgt Alfred R. Falls, Right Waist Gunner
S/Sgt James C. Underwood, Left Waist Gunner
S/Sgt Floyd E. Hart, Tail Gunner

Lt Winter's crew: Back row (L to R): George A. Gardner (Ball Turret Gunner), James C. Underwood (Waist Gunner), Hubert L. Crook (Waist Gunner - Did not fly with this crew on the 30 January mission. He flew with another crew but was also shot down and killed), Richard C. Kausch (Radio Operator), Paul Melcom (Flight Engineer/ Top Turret - Paul did not fly on this mission due to illness. He went on to complete his tour with another crew and returned to the US), Floyd E. Hart (asst Engineer).
Kneeling (L to R); Donald E. WInter (Pilot), Kenny Thomas (Co-pilot), George Anderson (Navigator), Edmund Torpey (Bombardier). Picture Courtesy of Gene.

On January 30, 1944, the crew participated in a mission to bomb an aircraft factory in Braunschweig, Germany.

On the way back to England, the bombers were attacked by German fighters who were sent up to intercept them. One source states that Unteroffizier Franz Schilling, of 7./JG26, attacked a straggling bomber which he shot down. It was his first shoot down. The plane crashed north of Bergen aan Zee.

This was Lt. Winter's B17. It crashed near the town of Schoorl, on the Dutch coast, near the Pirolavlakte. The whole crew was killed in the crash.

Edmund was married and he and his wife Mary was were expecting a child. Edmund's daughter Teresa Frances was born on 26 June 1944.

Edmund is buried at the Holy Rood Cemetery, Woodbury, LI. New York, Section 2 Row V Grave 11.

(picture courtesy of Mr. Ed Mehlig)

Woodbury, LI, NY

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All casualties of the 379th Bomb Group

Thanks to Bonnie Bjork, Pierre, South Dakota. The story of Richard Kausch, crewmember of Edmund, appeared first on the South Dakota WWII Memorial Website. Story and picture used here with permission. Thanks to Andy Gerlach.
Mr. Ed Mehlig
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Directions to Holy Rood Cemetery, Woodbury, LI. New York.

Posted 19 January 2012

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