Staff Sergeant
William H. Link

1923 - 30 December 1944
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Winden, Germany


William H. Link was born in 1923 in West Virginia. He had at least one sister. His family moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from where he joined the army on 2 March 1943.

After training he was attached to A Company, 295th Engineer Combat Battalion. He became a Staff Sergeant with the 1st platoon.

Not much is known about William's time with the 295th.

On 30 December 1944 the battalion was used to hold the line as infantry in the Huertgen Forest just south of Aachen. This was a heavily contested, wooded area where German and American forces battled eachother for months with heavy casualties on both sides.

Late December 1944, the 295th found itself near near Winden, Germany.



295th Engineer Combat Battalion

(picture from "History of the 295th Engineer Combat Battalion" on

The history of the 295th states: "Before dawn on the 30th of December, the 1st platoon, A Co, received orders to put in a minefield. They pulled into Winden, unloaded the mines, and waited for a guide to show the exact location for placing them. The krauts sent over a mortar shell at that moment and made a direct hit on the pile of mines; almost half the platoon was killed."

S/Sgt Link was one of those killed. Also killed were Pfc Joseph J. Bremmer, Pvt Jabez A. Coulter, Pvt William H. Hyde, Pfc Emmit J. Ocipa, T5 Sylvio J. Theriault, Pvt Paul W. Wallin and Sgt Glenn O. Phalen.

For his actions S/Sgt William Link was awarded a Certificate fo Merit.

S/Sgt William Link is buried at Margraten American Military Cemetery, Plot C Row 15 Grave 24.

Margraten, The Netherlands

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Sources and Acknowledgements:
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Directions to Margraten American Military Cemetery

Posted 4 April 2009

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