Soldier's Medal

Technician 4th Class
George H. Pruitt Jr.

1922 - June 10, 1945

Canden, New Jersey - Germany


George H. Pruitt Jr. was born in 1922 and from Camden, New Jersey. His parents were George H. & Isabel Read Pruitt.

In 1920 George Pruitt Sr. was a widower and working as a pressman at a cork factory in Camden He was renting a room from Isabel Read, also a widow, who was raising her 7 year-old nephew Ralph. They married shortly after that, with daughter Martina and son George Pruitt Jr. coming soon afterwards. In 1930 the Pruitt family was still living at the same address, George Sr. was then working for a coal company.

George Pruitt was inducted into the United States Army on 31 December 1942 in Newark, New Jersey. At the time he was married and was working as a car mechanic. After basic training he was assigned to the 43rd Signal Construction Battalion (Colored).

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43rd Signal Construction Battalion

The 43rd Signal Construction Battalion was activated at Camp Crowder, Missouri on 7 February 1944, were it underwent training for a period of five months. On 7 July 1944, the 43rd left Camp Crowder. After a brief stay at Camp Shanks, the Battalion left New York on the Queen Elizabeth on 15 July 1944. The 43rd arrived in Gourock, Scotland on 21 July 1944. They arrived on Utah Beach on 9 August 1944. In France the 43rd became assigned to the special troops of the 12th Army Group, under the Third Army. From that time until 9 May 1945, the Battalion was chiefly occupied with building signal lines to connect the 12th Army Group Headquarters with the Third Army Headquarters.

From 9 May 1945 to 7 July 1945, the 43rd continued construction lines connecting major American occupation units.

George Pruitt had been awarded the Soldier's Medal for "distinguishing himself by heroism not involving actual conflict with an enemy. The same degree of heroism is required as for the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross. The performance must have involved personal hazard or danger and the voluntary risk of life under conditions not involving conflict with an armed enemy."

George Pruitt died on June 10, 1945 of causes unrelated to combat. During this incident at least one other soldier, T4 Leroy Kemp, was also killed. 

T4 George H. Pruit is buried at Margraten American Military Cemetery, Plot L Row 4 Grave 4.

Margraten, The Netherlands

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Posted 24 August 2005

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