12th Replacement
Control Depot

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The 12th Replacement Control Depot was a process centre of men who either came over from the US, waiting to be attached to an unit, or who had been wounded and after recovery needed to be replaced, either to their old units or a new one.

Also (administratively) attached to 12th Replacement Control Depot were air crew who were on "Detached Service" with the RAF and RCAF. These were men who had joined the RCAF and RAF before the US had joined the war. When the US entered the war, the Americans in the R(C)AF were given the opportunity to return to the USAAF, or stay with the R(C)AF on "Detached Service". Those who did stay on "DS" and were subsequently killed, are registered with the US forces as being with a Replacement Depot. Three of the men with 12th Replacement Control Depot buried or commemorated at Margraten died while on DS.

Casualties of the Depot buried in Margraten or KIA in the Netherlands and buried elsewhere.

    RAF unit on Detached Service    
Cormack 1Lt Douglas C Margraten 12 September 1944
Johnson Sgt Edward F 61 Squadron RAF Margraten 26 November 1943
Martin T/Sgt Albert E 44 Squadron RAF Margraten 22 June 1944
  Steadman T/Sgt Ben H 97 Squadron RAF Margraten 20 January 1944