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    43rd Signal Construction Battalion


The 43rd Signal Construction Battalion was activated at Camp Crowder, Missouri on 7 February 1944. The Battalion underwent training for a period of five months at Camp Crowder. On 7 July 1944, the 43rd left Camp Crowder for Camp Shanks, New York, where they arrived on 9 July 1944. After a brief stay, the Battalion left New York on the Queen Elizabeth on 15 July 1944. The 43rd arrived in Gourock, Scotland on 21 July 1944. They remained in Scotland and England until 9 July 1944, when they departed from Weymouth, England to Utah Beach, France. They arrived  in France on 9 August 1944. In France the 43rd was assigned to the special troops of the 12th Army Group, under the Third Army.

From that time until 9 May 1945, the Battalion was chiefly occupied with building signal lines to connect the 12th Army Group Headquarters with the Third Army Headquarters. From 11 August 1944 to 16 September 1944, the signal lines were constructed in the vicinity of Avranches, Laval, LeMans, Chalons, Troyes, and St. Mihiel. The Battalion began its first open wire job on 16 September 1944, east of Verdun. The 43rd continued working on that job through 21 September 1944 when the work was halted before completion because of the siege of Metz.

During the period of 22 September through the end of November 1944, the 43rd worked on various signal construction jobs commencing with the construction of a seven-mile section from Verdun to Aubange. In early December, the construction of signal lines was practically impossible due to the Neuse River valley being flooded. However, an open-wire construction job was started from Metz to St. Avold. This construction job was not completed due to the German Ardennes offensive. In late December to 17 January 1945, the Battalion built lines from Ausbange to Arlon, and built lines in Luxembourg City. From 17 January 1945 to 30 January, signal wire was repaired in the vicinities of Arlon, Bastogne, and Jemelle. On January 1945, the 43rd began a period of training west of Neufchateau which lasted until 24 February 1945. From Luxembourg on 25 February 1945, an open-wire construction job was started from Luxembourg City to Trier, Germany. The construction was continued from Trier to Wittlich, but it was not completed on 20 March 1945 when the 43rd moved to Kaiserslautern, Germany. On 31 March, the Battalion was moved to Bad Kreuznach. From 17 April to 22 April, construction of open wire took place between Wiesbaden and Frankfurt. Open wire was constructed from Giessen to Marbury from 22 April to May 1945. From May to 9 May, open wire was constructed from Partenstein to Lohr. From 9 May 1945 to 7 July 1945, the 43rd continued construction lines connecting major American occupation units. The construction included lines between Bassum and Bremen, Frankfurt and Mannheim, and across the Weser River.

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Casualties of the Battalion buried in Margraten or KIA in the Netherlands and buried elsewhere.

  Kemp T4 Leroy E.   Margraten June 10, 1945
Pruitt T4 George H v June 10, 1945